Customer Testimonial Video

Sharon West
Spartanburg County Auditor

QS/1’s Auditor module helps you manage real and other personal property taxes with ease. Maintaining files for all personal property, QS/1 imports assessor data then calculates the gross tax and fees before subtracting any exemptions. The module also handles Manufacturers Reimbursement, Fee-In-Lieu of Tax (FILOT) and Homestead applications.

Changes to the vehicle tax roll are easily made. Taxes and fees can be calculated at any time. A First Time Issue file is sent electronically each week, which helps reduce mistakes and unnecessary data entries.

Vehicle Taxes

  • Make changes for abatements, new charges, corrections and approving refunds
  • Vehicle valuing guide assesses value and calculates high-mileage discounts
  • First Time Issue alleviates data entry based on weekly dealer files
  • Track out-of-state vehicles and allow Auditor to charge taxes for the appropriate amount of time

Real and Other Personal Property Taxes

  • Make changes for abatements, new charges, corrections and approving refunds
  • Work file maintains boats, motors, manufacturers, merchants, utilities and railroads
  • Import Assessor data for lenders and homestead information
  • Print and track personal property returns
  • Assessor interface allows changes awaiting approval to flow into Auditor system
  • Maintain Manufacturer Reimbursement file
  • Handle provisions for charging, collecting and distributing Fee in Lieu of Taxes
  • Print and maintain Homestead Applications
  • Print Legal Residence, Homestead Reimbursement and Manufacturer’s Exemption reports
  • Provide information to balance PTAR reports

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