Simplify land management, assessments, tracking, and more with PUBLIQ’s Assessor application.

Completely manages and tracks the information you need

  • Maintain current and future year’s addition, change, and transfer information
  • Track market, taxable, reassessment, and new construction values, as well as assessable transfer of interest data
  • Store homestead and lender details on land records
  • Maintain complete sales histories and reference complete parcel history
  • Search by name, map number, deed book/page, and location for quick retrieval
  • Interface with PUBLIQ’s Auditor to eliminate duplicate entries

Simplifies the mass appraisal process

  • Calculate appraisal values for residential, agricultural, and commercial property
  • Automatically create future-year appraisal records based on current information
  • Prepare for reassessment while working on the current year’s information
PUBLIQ Assessor Application