PUBLIQ® Software provides solutions for those who serve the public. We offer property tax management software, billing software, and an integrated accounting software. Our solutions help municipalities, counties, and utility districts accurately calculate, collect, and distribute money, print and mail statements, and effectively manage budgets. We believe you can best serve your community when your software works for you, and we are committed to your success and ensuring the trust of your customers. PUBLIQ is a part of RedSail Technologies, LLC. For additional information about PUBLIQ and the products and services we provide, call 833.278.2547.

Our History

In the early 1960s, company founder Jim Smith wanted a new computer to run inventory for his wholesale drug business, Smith Drug Company, but the computer was expensive, and he needed to offset the cost while generating additional income. Out of this, Smith Data Processing (SDP) was born. Starting out, SDP did batch work, providing printed report cards, attendance records, school schedules, and anything else our clients needed. By 1966, we were printing tax notices for Spartanburg County, a client to this day. In 1974, SDP became a division of Smith Drug Company, and in 1979, of the J M Smith Corporation.

In the 1980s, Mr. Smith and the development team at SDP began working on a new project, software for personal computers. In 1982, SDP produced its first utility billing program and took on its first client, M&N Utilities in West Monroe, LA, our oldest active utilities client. We quickly expanded our software applications throughout the decade to include a complete tax suite and applications that support the financial needs of the public sector. During the 1990s, SDP grew and expanded into new territories in Georgia, North Carolina, and across the Southeast. SDP quickly became recognized as a leading software provider for counties, municipalities, and utility districts.

In 2004, SDP merged with QS/1 to become QS/1 Governmental Solutions. Since then, we have expanded our client base into Alabama, Texas, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and beyond. In 2018, QS/1 Governmental Solutions changed its name to PUBLIQ Software to renew its commitment to providing software for those that serve the public sector. Driven by a passionate, tenured staff, PUBLIQ is committed to understanding our client’s business needs.