Manage real and other personal property taxes with less work using our property tax management software. PUBLIQ’s Auditor maintains files for all personal property, and it imports Assessor data to calculate gross taxes and fees before subtracting exemptions. You can do calculations anytime and work easily with the vehicle tax roll.

Property tax software lightens the workload

  • Maintain boats, motors, manufacturers, merchants, utilities, and railroads
  • Quickly adjust for abatements, new charges, corrections, and refunds
  • Handle Manufacturers Reimbursements, Fee-In-Lieu of Tax (FILOT), and Homestead applications
  • Process assessment changes awaiting approval
  • Track returns and print reports including Legal Residence, Homestead Reimbursement, Manufacturer’s Exemption, and PTAR

Takes less effort to calculate and change vehicle taxes

  • Assess value and calculate high-mileage discounts with our built-in vehicle value guide
  • Eliminate mistakes and data entry with the electronic First Time Issue file based on weekly dealer files
  • Track out-of-state vehicles and create appropriate tax for the time period
PUBLIQ Auditor Software

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