PUBLIQ® Software has been helping small towns, cities, counties, and utilities for over 50 years. We provide integrated software to help manage property taxes, finance, and utility billing, among other services. We are a technology company that focuses on human-to-human connections and relationships. With decades of proven success and reliable services, we look forward to serving you and your community.

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Software for Local Government & Utilities

Making You a Priority

You’re a big fish no matter the size of the pond.

After selling you on the idea that you’re a priority, other conglomerated software companies may treat you like a small fish in their big pond. At PUBLIQ, we don’t do that; we treat you like family. We value our relationships and continuously strive to build up from those foundations.

We’re built to focus on you.

PUBLIQ Software was originally built to serve the public sector over 50 years ago. Instead of buying into other industries and stretching ourselves thin, we stayed true to taking care of local government and utilities. We believe our customers are at the core of our economic stability and growth, which is why we continue to focus on you.

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PUBLIQ Software provides an integrated software suite for municipalities, counties, and utilities.

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Welcome, James!

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PUBLIQ Crisis Management Part 3

Crisis Management: The Recovery Stage

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