Exciting News for PUBLIQ

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At PUBLIQ, we are committed to serving our customers and their communities with reliable solutions and solid relationships. On February 4, 2022, we took a significant step forward to strengthen these efforts. PUBLIQ® Software joined Springbrook Software.

Like PUBLIQ, Springbrook is a U.S.-based leading finance and administration software provider exclusively serving local government. They offer a suite of modern, high-performance solutions to manage finances, payroll, utility billing, and more.

Under the leadership of RedSail Technologies®, PUBLIQ has been able to drive focus, invest in developing our next-generation platform, and expand geographically in the South. With Springbrook, PUBLIQ will build on this foundation with a partner that brings industry expertise, complementary products, and a supporting geographic footprint. They will expand our toolkit and enhance our ability to deliver solutions. We’re excited about the transformation to come and what this news means for our future.

As we have done for 50 plus years, we will continue to serve customers in any way we can, so they can meet the needs of their communities. Our number one goal remains a bold one: to lead our industry. That requires consistency, investments, and executional excellence. We have an unyielding focus on enhancing our core platforms and accelerating innovation to improve the processes and programs that help our customers compete and serve their communities most effectively.

Our passion to innovate is steadfast, and our commitment to local government and utilities continues.

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