Welcome, Ashton!

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Welcome to the Team: Ashton Pressley
Category: Company News

Ashton Pressley kicked off the new year by joining PUBLIQ as our newest Client Services technician. She previously worked as an office assistant for Maggie Valley Sanitary District, which is one of our current customers. After using our software for the past seven years, Ashton wanted to join our team to use her experience and grow her knowledge to help customers. She’s currently in the training stage of her new role, but soon she will be answering customer calls to assist them with questions, troubleshooting, and ensure their software is running smoothly.

Ashton is from Waynesville, NC, and she graduated college with a degree in accounting. Outside of work, her number one hobby is reading. She also loves knitting and spending time with her family. She has a son, a daughter, and a Chocolate Lab named Cooper. Their favorite family activity is camping.

Ashton loves facing challenges head on and believes the only way to grow is to learn from failures. Excited to join the team she’s come to for help for years, Ashton says she’s looking forward to being the one helping customers with their software and building relationships.

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