Accounting Suite

Developed with the public sector in mind, PUBLIQ’s Accounting Suite software provides a complete solution to fiscal accountability across departments and funds. It integrates general ledger, accounts payable, budgeting, and bank reconciliation in a single package with no surprise fees. Use it with PUBLIQ’s Payroll, Business License, and Utility Billing applications for a comprehensive, flexible ERP system.

Easily manages all accounts and assets

  • Simplify common tasks with step-by-step wizards
  • Access information from multiple years and funding sources
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and set recurring journal entries and recurring invoices
  • Tailor account charts to suit your needs
  • Maintain always-current balances, accurately disburse funds, and generate miscellaneous receipts

Facilitates simpler purchasing and budgeting

  • Push the same data from requisitions to purchase orders to encumbrances and invoices
  • Use one screen to create invoices and set up recurring invoices and payments
  • Prepare next year’s budget using the current one; easily adjust figures and track fiscal-year changes
  • Use one-time vendors and print individual checks

Generates a wealth of accurate reports

  • Work efficiently with dozens of ready-made reports
  • Create what you need – Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Budget Worksheets, Revenue Expense reports, and more
  • Collaborate using data exports to popular formats like Excel®
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Accounting Suite Software