Document Imaging

Enhanced with PUBLIQ’s security features, Document Imaging allows utility districts to safely scan, import, view, and print images. Images can be attached to a customer, third party, meter record, or owner record to cut down the effort and storage required by physical documents. Index, search, recall, view, and print electronic documents without compromising customer privacy.

Save time and reduce paper use

  • Eliminate paper files
  • Scan or import documents and store digital copies for easy access
  • Add and categorize document types
  • Quickly search for documents using key words and scan date

Scan and display various document types, including

  • Rental agreements
  • Drivers’ Licenses
  • Use agreements and contracts
  • Photos of damaged/broken meters

Remain protected with advanced security features

  • Enable password protection
  • Assign levels of document access
  • Define image types and Red Flag Rule guidelines
  • Store archived PDF report copies in a secure PUBLIQ file
Document Imaging