Property Tax Management

Effectively handle tax billing, collection, and appraisals, while remaining compliant, with integrated Assessor, Auditor, and Treasurer/Delinquent Tax Collector systems. Our property tax management software allows your office to handle real estate and personal property tax calculations in-house, maintain information from previous years, and track year-to-date account balances with flexible reporting.

  • Rely on our Assessor application for complete management of land parcels; maintenance of searchable records and histories; calculation of appraised values for residential, agricultural, and commercial properties; and tracking of additions, transfers, ATI, and more.
  • Manage real and other personal property taxes, vehicle tax calculation, and processing with PUBLIQ’s Auditor application. Additionally, you can track Manufacturers Reimbursements, Fee-In-Lieu of Taxes (FILOTs), and Homestead applications with ease.
  • Run your office with efficiency with our Treasurer/Delinquent Tax Collector application. Make annual tax sales simpler by building a tax sale file each year that tracks bidder information, produces bidder receipts, and creates a sales ledger. In addition, control daily tax processing and check for unpaid taxes and refunds.
Property Tax Management Software