IT & Hardware Maintenance

Rely on PUBLIQ for the best technology and hardware services. Working closely with you, we determine your networking and hardware needs to reduce your stress and maximize your organization’s potential to serve.

Our IT professionals maintain your network for you

  • Eliminate responsibility and stress of maintaining your server by allowing us to handle server maintenance and updates with cloud computing
  • Schedule affordable, routine computer service and updates
  • Troubleshoot small problems before they become big ones
  • Delegate setup and configuration of servers and workstations, virus checking, license verification, and internet/email monitoring
  • Train onsite and online

PUBLIQ’s Hardware Maintenance Agreements protect your hardware

  • Reduce downtime in the event of an equipment failure
  • Choose from three types of maintenance: Onsite, Mail-in, and Phone-in
  • Enroll by contacting our Hardware department at 800.235.0762

PUBLIQ offers Cloud Computing to provide maximum control over your systems

  • When disaster strikes, we keep your devices running by combining SONET ring technology while our locomotive-sized generator kicks in to ensure your business is left uninterrupted
  • PUBLIQ maximizes bandwidth by utilizing four internet sources
  • Installed: Host and manage your own data, software, and server at your location
  • Cloud: Eliminate the responsibility of software updates and server management
  • Enterprise: Beneficial for large, multi-location operations
IT Services