Cash Management

Successfully process payments for utilities, property taxes, and more, while staying protected against fraud, with our Centralized Collections software. Manage multiple payments in a single transaction, and work easily with touchscreen controls and step-by-step wizards. Centralized Collections functions seamlessly with other PUBLIQ applications.

Makes paying easier for you and your customers

  • Collect fees and taxes, including multiple types in one transaction
  • Allow customers to pay how they want with cash, checks, and cards in a single transaction
  • Provide convenience and save time with automated customer account alerts
  • Keep customers informed with a single, detailed receipt
  • Simply track income with payments that reflect immediately

Keeps security flexible but effective

  • Fight fraud with multiple security layers
  • Reduce errors and unauthorized actions with built-in tools and customizable access levels
  • Feel confident with a transaction journal/audit trail of all payments and voids
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PUBLIQ Software Cash Management Solution Demo

Cash Management Software