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Print and Mail Services
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Our Batch Operations department has been busy improving print and mail services by investing in updated hardware and software. Last year, our Batch Operations team upgraded to two industry-leading, color, digital printers to increase efficiency. They also enhanced forms to be customizable and more visually appealing. Now, they are starting 2020 off with a bang by adding even more features to increase processing speeds for our customers.

2D barcodes are now being used to enable manifest mail grouping. Manifest mailing is an automated system that allows mailers to document postage and fees for all pieces in a mailing. This is paid via permit imprint, so we can mail multiple notices in one envelope. They are also able to run all addresses through the USPS database to identify and remove all “undeliverable” mailings and ultimately save our customers money on postage fees.

In addition, with each print job, we now send each customer electronic (PDF) copies of the following:

  • Printed and mailed notices
  • “Undeliverable” notices
  • Address update reports

If you have any questions regarding our print and mail services, contact us at 833.278.2547 or info@publiqsoftware.com.

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