Go Digital with PUBLIQ!

Go Digital with PUBLIQ!
Category: Technology Corner

Have you considered going digital? Give your communities and employees easy, convenient access to the information they need with PUBLIQ’s digital features. 

Your communities

Flexible, online billing and payment tools allow your customers to securely view bills and make payments without visiting your office. 

  • Provide paperless billing options and the ability to view, print, and download bills using Bill Presentment
  • Offer online, automated phone, and bank draft payment options and enable credit card, debit card, and e-check payments, which are posted in real time.

Your employees

Our web-based Payroll Portal empowers your employees to access their payroll information – anytime, anywhere. Unique logins ensure privacy protection their privacy as they view information on their dashboard.

  • Give access to current and past pay statements, payroll vouchers, W-2s, income tax, and leave details and allow change requests for withholdings and deductions using our web-based Payroll Portal.

We’re here for you and the communities you serve. Go digital to start providing 24/7 access and increase your office’s efficiency, today!

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