8 Items to Boost Your Work-from-Home Experience

8 Items to Boost your Work-from-Home Experience
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If you’re new to working from home, the transition from office desk to home desk may be a little difficult, but there are some products that can make the change a lot smoother. We’re sharing some of our favorite things to help you work more comfortably and efficiently.

Make yourself comfortable.

  • Ergonomic seating. Sitting at a desk all day can be tough on your body. One of the most beneficial investments is ergonomic seating. Choose a chair that will provide proper support for your back and neck. For even more support, try adding a foam seat cushion.
  • Table desk. If you have the ability to work from a laptop or mobile device and enjoy working away from your desk, consider buying a lap table desk. These can be taken anywhere, like your couch or favorite chair, and some even have cup holders – hello, coffee!
  • Blue-light blockers. It’s no secret that staring at a computer screen for hours is harmful to our eyes. With many different styles to choose from, blue-light blocking glasses have become very popular, helping filter out blue light given off by digital screens. The lenses claim to protect eyes from glare and help reduce potential retina damage.
  • Foot hammock. Installing a foot hammock under your desk has many benefits, including increased blood circulation, comfort, and relaxation and reduced back pain. These hammocks are adjustable and are made to fit under any desk type.

Enhance your work experience.

  • Dual monitor mount. If your work-from-home setup requires you to have multiple computer screens, a dual monitor mount may work great for you. One standing arm easily attaches to the back of your desk and includes two adjustable, mounting arms – one for each screen. This eliminates desk clutter and allows you to rotate your screens however you prefer.
  • LED clip-on light. Lighting matters when it comes to video meetings. If your workspace doesn’t have adequate lighting, try an LED clip-on light. The ring light can easily slip over your laptop (or cell phone) camera and has three levels of brightness to help enhance and illuminate your face.

 Keep your desk clean.

  • Waterproof desk pad. Protect your desk from spills, scratches, and stains with a synthetic leather desk pad. Designed for long-lasting use, these pads are durable, waterproof, and multifunctional. They come in multiple colors to suit your style and are large enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse, and keyboard. They can also be used as a mouse pad or writing pad.
  • Mini cordless vacuum. There’s nothing worse than having tiny crumbs in your keyboard (thank you, snacks) or dust on your desk. Having a handheld desk vacuum can help you keep your area clean by getting into those tight spaces. These are rechargeable and come with multiple nozzles. They also include a built-in filter that can be removed, washed, and reused.

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