Are Tax and Budget Season Stressing You Out?

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Tax Season Stressing You Out?
Category: Business Tips

Has your daily work life become overwhelming? It’s no surprise, considering the complicated time we’re living in. The American Institute of Stress reports 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress. It’s easy to feel tense when tasks start to pile up, especially when you’re knee-deep in tax season or preparing your office’s annual budget. If you’re feeling anxious at work, keep reading for a few simple steps you can take to relax.

Breathe. Find a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Roll your neck and shake out your hands. You can even stand up to stretch your arms and legs. Stretching can help you release tension in your body and relax while working. Once you sit back down, try sitting up with your back and neck a little straighter while relaxing your shoulders to keep the tension from coming back.

Prioritize. An overflowing to-do list can be daunting, and when your schedule is full, it can be hard to know where to start. Create a list with the tasks you need to complete, and then decide which ones are most important. Rewrite the list with the most pressing tasks at the top or number them based on level of importance. This will give you a starting place and help you prioritize the work that needs to be done now. You can always come back to the less-urgent tasks later.

Organize. Did you know cluttered workspaces can cause additional anxiety? If your area looks a bit chaotic, start by gathering any papers on your desk and organizing them, setting aside any that you no longer need. Consider using a desk organizer to keep papers and folders together without taking up additional desk space. Collect other loose items, such as pens and paper clips, then place them together in a drawer or container so they’re out of your way until you need them.

Disconnect. It’s important to take breaks from your computer screen. Try to find a few minutes every day when you can completely step away from your work. Devote this time to activities that help you relax – even if that just means finding somewhere quiet to breathe. When the day ends, walk away from your work and enjoy your free time. Taking devoted breaks from your work can help you come back each day with renewed energy and a calm mind.

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