Crisis Management: Before, During, and After

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Publiq Software Crisis Management
Category: Data and Office Security

Serving the public comes with great responsibility, especially when faced with an unexpected crisis. Local governments, as well as other special services, such as utility providers, have an obligation to ensure the safety of their communities in emergency situations. And although there are many types of crises that can affect communities, cyberattacks and natural disasters are two of the most common.

The number of cyberattack cases continue to increase, and local governments have been hit particularly hard over the past few years. Cyber criminals take advantage of the fact that communities depend on the services local governments provide, and as key holders of their citizens’ sensitive personal data, municipal, county, and utility offices are frequent targets.

In addition, there’s always the risk of a natural disaster occurring, which can have even longer lasting effects on communities than just data theft. As hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and other ecological disasters are on the rise, it’s critical for local governments to be proactive.

Follow along with this blog series as we dig deeper into crisis management and reveal how local governments can plan for the big three: before, during, and after.

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