Welcome, David!

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Welcome David!
Category: Company News

Last month, David Acuna joined the PUBLIQ team all the way from Managua, Nicaragua. As our new senior QA automation engineer, David is in charge of analyzing the business requirements, such as UI (user interface) designs and codes, for projects and developing QA processes focused on fixing defects to make our software bulletproof. He likes to start his day with a cup of coffee while going through his team’s task board and monitoring project progress. From there, he prepares test plans and scenarios and collaborates with his team members to clarify requirements.

David enjoys the challenge of implementing QA processes from scratch using the latest technology. He says he wanted to join PUBLIQ because of the company’s good reputation and to contribute by developing high-quality software for communities. David says he’s excited to get to know his teammates and is ready to start automating tests cases, gaining feedback, and adding new code to our software applications.

David grew up in the Dominican Republic and attended Pontificia Universidad Madre y Maestra, where he majored in Telematics Engineering. Since he lives near a small beach town named San Juan del Sur, David loves going to the beach, making bonfires, and watching his friends surf. He’s not much of surfer himself though; he prefers skateboarding. He has a lot of hobbies, including hanging with his dog Kira, watching extreme sports, exercising, playing guitar, listening to house music, and making memories with friends.

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