Employee Spotlight: Kendall Miller

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Employee Spotlight: Kendall
Category: Employee Spotlight

If your office joined the PUBLIQ family recently, there’s a good chance you were trained by Kendall Miller. He became a part of our Training team a little over two years ago. Kendall’s average day involves working with multiple customers to teach them the functionality of our products and assist them with problem solving. He spends most of his time training and answering questions to ensure our customers completely understand how to perform their daily tasks using our software, so they can do their jobs effectively.

Kendall says his favorite part about working for PUBLIQ is being able to talk to customers and help them get set up and running with our products. “It really means a lot when a customer values you and enjoys speaking with you. We create unbreakable bonds that last a lifetime,” he says.

A Spartanburg, SC, native, Kendall attended USC Upstate, where he majored in communications and public relations. He has a dog named Rambo and a passion for photography. Kendall says he enjoys capturing life’s moments with a single flash and showing others that they are beautiful no matter what.

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